Lush Healthy Clones


At Highline Nursery we take pride in producing lush healthy clones. Our clones range from old school strains such as Jack Herrera to newer hybrids such as Ice Cream Cake. We strive to make sure our clones are free from pests and harmful pesticides. Our clones come from healthy vigorous growing mother plants hand selected by our  trained team of cutters here at Highline. The goal of our nursery is to produce clean healthy and quality clones. We first start by picking out prime mothers to cut from, using sterilized tools we take precise cuts off of each mother plant. This is followed by a climate controlled rooting period. Once rooted, we hand sort each clone inspecting the roots and foliage to ensure they are clean and of the highest quality. Once the clones are rooted, acclimated and pass inspections they are ready to thrive in their new home.