Cannabis Dictionary



Turning the light back by pulling tarp or lights from 16/18hrs to 10/12 to cause the cannabis plants into flower


Aamount of growth a strain puts on after the flip. This will vary strain to strain and heat and growing conditions can vary the amount of stretch to a given strain


chemical compound that cause the resonis smell and tastes profile you get from cannabis plants. 


small growth on the plant that can cause seeding in the shape of a quarter inch bananna on the bottom side of the flowering plant. (evan)Frosting the production of banannas will get feminized seeds.


is a snowman did you not have a childhood? in cannabis however refers to the the outer layer of tricomes on mature cannaibs flow that gves a dusty visiual effect


 the resionist sticky and malable buds caused by high resion content


seditative relaxing effects and better for pain - stocky plants that do better in cool weather with shorter flowering time (OG Kush and Girlscout cookies)


uplifiting high generally have strecher qualities and longer flowering time (super sour diesel, silver haze)


 dominate larger flowers on the cannabs plant.


a way of referenceing the flowers shape and visual properties buds on the plant wth a tigher denser structer of the flower

Rock up

cannabis plant goes through transition of the flowers becoming more solidified and heavier later in the cannabis cycle 


immature cannabis plant that has been potted in soil that has been rooted out - usually a 3.5in post to 1gallon


a positive adjitive in the cannabis world that refers to resonist high terp flower with strong pungent orders